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Top 10 LGBT Websites and Blogs

October 7, 2011

rosie says we can blog itmy new flatmate works in pr and marketing and already knows that i am a geek with social media stats. in his natural kindness he sent me this interesting list of the most popular LGBT websites and blogs. the list was compiled in june 2011 by a group called in partnership with a media database group called cision. they ranked the sites listed below by unique visitors per month (uvpm).

if you are also a social media geek or if you simply want to know where folks are going to get their lgbt related news and gossip take a look…

  1. 290,315 uvpm
  2. 203,924 uvpm
  3. Towleroad 200,477 uvpm
  4. Queerty 196,806 uvpm
  5. 145,255 uvpm
  6. The Bilerico Project 78,459 uvpm
  7. 77,342 uvpm
  8. 71,360 uvpm
  9. Outsports 68,573 uvpm
  10. 56,550 uvpm
if you’re looking for a blog on how to bake the perfect challah, how to properly observe a jewish holiday, like yom kippur which begins this evening, or how to how to date a homosexual femme jewess, i must confess, that i don’t have a top ten list of bloggers for you based on uvpm stats. i can highly recommend this leading transdenominational jewish website for the most comprehensive jewish information… tell me, friends, do you know where i can find reliable uvpm stats on jewish blogs?

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  1. Let me mention that my site of reviews of LGBT books and films and with special sections on Jewish and gay books and films has been up about 4 months and averages 400-600 hits a day and has thus far almost 3000 (2985) reviews and has had as of this morning, 65,010 views all-time. Stop by at: or at Cinema Pride and Literary Pride on Facebook.

  2. that is amazing, amos. absolutely – what a great resource! i love your blog.

  3. There are now over 4000 reviews on my site and I am now at 99,365 hits since March. The 100,000th hit is right around the corner,

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