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playing paparazzi with queer activists over a 20 minute span in the castro is quite fun during pride.

June 24, 2011

last night i played paparazzi in the castro. i had a great time too. i kept running into folks that i admired. folks in the queer community that make film, make change, make our community really great. this included friends and hero’s alike. here are a few shots i snapped via my reluctant blackberry on castro and 18th street after seeing becoming chaz. you can find all of these folks too by joining us out in the community this pride.  Plus while you are at it you can enter to win $250 gift card if you stop by our jewish community pride booth and enter our raffle on both saturday and sunday.

kc price is the executive director of frameline film festival. i spotted him at starbucks between films. i love this shot because it started my paparazzi experience but also, i love capturing that great chalk drawing promoting the sf aids walk.karyln and sasha t. goldbergkaryln and lisatwo old friends that met at jewish summer camp outside of sacramento

how many queer jews are in this photo? can you count?

after seeing all of these folks i came home and found this old frameline promo. i loved being able to count how many queer jewish activists i could spot in a simple minute. good memories. take a look, do you see our friend sasha t. goldberg in her film acting debut?

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