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allegations note that trump is not just mean but lacks a decent vocabulary when annoyed or angry

April 28, 2011

i wish this were a farce but reportedly the donald has just out-ranked koby bryant in being horribly un-clever at being mean to people he disrespects. allegations of a history of anti-semitic epithets and harassment of women and gay employees has been reported today.

if this allegation is true i will still have enough information as to not cast my vote for him to be our next american president.  (i did like staying in his hotel in vegas. we had a great coupon for $99 a night during our finkelstein family reunion. the hotel was smoke free and the pool deck was really quiet). but back to the topic, a man with that much real estate and who is ultimately responsible for the “unlucky statements” of Miss Carrie Prejean should really be more creative when angry or annoyed. allegedly calling an international superstar a “faggot jew” behind their back is in poor taste, bigoted and embarrassingly simple minded.

donald trump

dear donald, i know how much easier it would be for you to shrug this recent news off as fabricated lies... but it would be so much easier for us bloggers to tolerate you in the media if you were not such a mean bully. i know of a great list of anti-bullying resources if you are open to learning. love, lisa


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