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david kato

January 31, 2011

david kato’s murder last wednesday comes subsequently after a ugandan media outlet published his name and photograph along with 99 additional ugandan leaders with the corresponding title, “top 100 homosexuals – hang them.” it is in grief for the loss of yet another human rights defender that we as jews part of the larger jewish community join together to demand justice and protection for all human rights defenders. i have signed onto a statement prepared by american jewish world service (ajws) to express my jewish solidarity with lgbti ugandans.

please consider adding your name or the name to the statement located here. read rabbi denise eger’s statement about mourning the loss of david kato as a great hero here. may the memory of david kato be for a blessing.

David Kato was found with serious wounds to his head at his home on Wednesday. Kato and two other gay activists sued a newspaper over claims that it had violated their constitutional rights to privacy and won the case earlier this month

David Kato z"l

Activists were outraged over the death of David Kato, an advocacy officer for the gay rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda. His slaying comes after a year of stepped up threats against gays in Uganda, where a controversial bill has proposed the death penalty for some homosexual acts.

Mourners carry the coffin of David Kato, a prominent Ugandan gay rights activist who was murdered in his home this week.

It was reported by CNN that a pastor rebuked homosexuals at David Kato's funeral, prompting chaos as sympathizers stormed the pulpit and grabbed his microphone away.

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  1. Ruth Atkin permalink

    In the spirit of demanding justice for human rights defenders, I applaud the people of Egypt, who are demanding freedom from a dictator and their own democracy. They are coming out from under their own Pharoah of sorts.
    Democracy-loving Jews everywhere are rejoicing in this liberation struggle playing out right now!
    It is particularly useful to note that the demonstrations have not been anti-Israel or anti-Zionist in tone. They are about the people wanting democratic rule.

  2. Thank you, Ruth. This inspires a longer post with a title of its own. Can I repost your comment or would you have interest in writting an updated blog now that violence has hit the area?

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