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dadt is dead.

December 19, 2010

my mother asked me this morning if i was going to “send out a blogging post for don’t ask don’t tell.” she figured that i did not do it yesterday because of shabbat but expected one from me this morning. so, mom, here it is: dadt is done. consider it dead. consider it old news.

on december 10, 2010 rabbi denise eger’s blog stated this, “DADT is nothing but an antiquated vehicle for homo-hatred.” agreed and now the vehicle is dead.

but just in case you do crave information on how the organized jewish community rallied folks around the repeal of dadt i did come up short in finding any web-evidence of grassroots education projects or organizing.  but i did read in the jta that multiple jewish groups, including the jewish council for public affairs (jcpa), the anti-defamation league, the national council of jewish women, american jewish committee (ajc), american jewish congress, b’nai b’rith international, jewish labor committee, jewish reconstructionist federation, union for reform judaism and the united synagogue of conservative judaism had together made multiple public support statements and lobbied for its repeal. plus my favorite jewish military site had one posting featuring rabbi boteach on dadt too. maybe it was because dadt was so widely not accepted by folks in our community that jewish folks did not feel like they had a role in repealing it?!?!

but here is a real question, is the reign of homo-hatred in the military really dead or is it the 31 senators and 175 representatives that voted no as well as the 9 reps that did not even bother to vote that we should be worried about?

and now that i wrote on dadt – here is a link to what my mother really wants: lady gaga and pink on dadt.

  1. Ruth Mother permalink

    Thanks Lisa, You really listened to your Mother! and you are correct Lady Gaga is what I was waiting for…… and Hugs.

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