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lessons from growing up

December 6, 2010

Stefan Lynch Strassfeld and Beth Teper at the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum's StoryCorps

thanks to bay area jewish leaders, like beth teper and stefan lynch strassfeld, our bay area community, both jewish and lgbt, have a few more incredible visible leaders to learn from, model-lives after as well as nonprofit groups to rely on that help sustain and build healthy communities and lives.

beth and stafan have both been involved with the group COLAGE for over two decades. their leadership with COLAGE has helped pave the way for greater empowerment and advocacy for families like the ones they are both from – families that have one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s.

stefan, who was quoted by NPR telling his story about being raised by a family that was not only LGBT identified but also deeply impacted by AIDS, said he was raised in  “a powerful family. there was a lot of love. and they modeled for me how to survive an epidemic, even if you were dying while doing it.” read and listen to more….

yasher koach, stefan and todah raba, for sharing your story with the world.  by the way, here are a few helpful resources for folks interested in the incredible work of COLAGE:


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