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i am ready for a gay jewish party

November 24, 2010

jonathan adler

jonathan adler asked what most gay jews ask me. how can he find other gay jews to shmooze with? we get asked to connect with “community” so often but who is this “community” and how can we connect with it and where? it seems so daunting or even tasked with additional demands for our time. sometimes this “community” might not be so conducive to our lives as queer, gay, lesbian, bi, and trans jews.

so the question, how can someone, including the infamous jonathan adler, find gay jews to get to know in san francisco? here is my answer: at a party – of course! and jonathan adler is graciously hosting the annual vodkas and latkes lgbt alliance hanukkah celebration just to find you to shmooze with!

celebrate a night of hanukkah, in style!

so please rsvp, spread the word to your friends and family, invite your jews, your jewish appreciators and your gays and queer appreciators to celebrate hanukkah together with free-flowing drinks and schmoozing in jonathan’s home design boutique from 6 to 9pm on december 1. 2133 fillmore street is walkable from muni 1, 2, 3, 22 and 24 lines as we all know pacific heights is not known for ample parking! you should rsvp too because if you do you become eligible for a name tag, opportunities to shine in front of your friends and even receive a hanukkah survival gift!

can’t make it? bummer, i hope to see you next time as more shmoozing with gay jews is always listed on our local lgbt alliance of the jewish community federation website.

  1. it gets better too. elizabeth falkner’s citizen cake is catering! hey! hey! this is going to be a seriously tasty party!

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