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synagogue reacts to potential bomb threat

November 15, 2010
rabbi larry edwards

“when we imagine threats, we figure they’re around our being queer, or a combo of queer and jewish,” said rabbi larry edwards of chicago’s lgbt reform synagogue or chadash that found its 100 members a target of a potential mail bomb sent from yemen this past month. “and the combo threats we imagine are from the radical extreme anti-gay right wing of the jewish world,” he continued, “but even that’s far-fetched because in reality we have support even in certain orthodox quarters.”

rabbi edwards, who identifies as heterosexual says the shul is a community that now is a place attracting straight jews as well as it remains a “place for jews who have come out.”

but other than that, he says, or chadash is typical in its lack of a public political profile. “israel is the third rail for jews – if you’re too vocal one way or another, you’re sure to alienate somebody,” edwards explained. “so how can you talk about it?” he paused. “how can you not talk about it?” read more about the lgbt synagogue reacting to the potential bomb threat by achy obejas.