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coming out

October 11, 2010

today is national coming out day… you can be a lgbt young persons life saving breath by simply coming out as a proud straight ally or lgbt… and while I don’t usually dwell on my personal past as a lgbt identified teenager in middle-america i will for just one sentence…

it would have been a life saving breath of clean and fresh air to know of out teachers, parents, community leaders of any kind modeling healthy choices and being proud of their lgbt lives. 

many lgbt folks are telling me that they are feeling re-traumatized with this wave of media attention on the suicides and the anti-gay attacks in ny… so if you are not around young people – you can still make a difference. come out to your family, friends and colleagues. come out for those that are remembering their own lgbt teenage experience of needing just a few breaths of fresh air…  i asked one of my brothers to tell his colleagues that he was a straight ally today. i am sure it sounded funny when he made the random announcement that he is proud of being a straight ally but it does make a difference…

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  1. Ruth permalink

    and it would have been so helpful to have resources for families and support for young people when my child was a teenager……glad it exists today in these difficult times

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