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September 13, 2010

moving can be hard on many levels for a jewish gal with a chihuahua on the second day of rosh hashannah… but my family and friends, who really did all the heavy lifting, made it happen smoothly. plus not only did i make it into my new home without a broken back but i was able to unpack in time to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend and mentor to all who know him, al baum, on saturday night.   

so far, my new commute seems easy! after taking my dear diego to the top of the hill into buena vista park this morning, i made it to work at the jewish community federation on time too! 

sure, the rosh hashannah holiday was filled with joy (a friend who had brain surgery at ucsf to remove a tumor was a complete success) and sadness (a natural gas line explosion ignited a tragic fire in san bruno) but, still, with the complexity of life, i have a feeling it will be not only a sweet new year but one that i will focus on filling with refuah shleimah (a complete healing) for those that need a bit of extra care as well… l’shanah tovah!  

my new morning walk with diego leads us into this beautiful park in my new neighborhood, buena vista park


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  1. Jen Phillips permalink

    What a beautiful walk! I can’t wait to make it with you two, coffee in hand and sunglasses on face. Love ya!

  2. bonita permalink

    happy new year, beautimous. had a nice day yesterday, thinking about you and the holidays… ushering out the old (SOOOO 8am, DONE), and welcoming new vibes. lots of love, my dear.

    and so thankful you’ve survived the moving saga! whew!

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