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A Private Shabbat Performance

July 19, 2010

After our Community Kalabat Shabbat Gathering at the Campus HaNamal Haifa Port and Shabbat dinner at the hotel Adi Bielski graced us with a private solo performance in our hotels meeting room. She performed Ertz Yisrael Love Story written on the semi-autobiographical story of Pnina Gary, the play is dedicated to the memory of her fiancé Eli Ben-Zvi, who died in Israel’s 1947-49 War of Independence (against Lebanon and Syria in the north; Iraq and Transjordan – renamed Jordan during the war – in the east; Egypt, assisted by contingents from the Sudan – in the south; and Palestinians and volunteers from Arab countries in the interior of the country), defending his kibbutz, Beit Keshet.

The story begins in the summer 1942 through a chance meeting at a bus stop, between Margalit, played by Adi Bielski and Ami, an idealistic Kibbutz pioneer and Palmach Soldier. Their relationship develops into a love story interwoven with the issues of the era capturing the characters and atmosphere of pre-state Israel from the intimate experience of a young Jewish girl in Israel living there. Here is a clip from the show: 


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