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Gilad Schalit

July 7, 2010

Gilad Schalit was born on August, 28, 1986 to Aviva and Noam Schalit in the Western Galilee. Gilad also has a brother and sister Yoel and Hadas. Gilad began his Israeli military service at the end of July 2005 and on duty he guarded the settlements around Gaza. On Sunday, May 25, 2006 an attack on Kerem Shalom resulted in Gilad being captured. He is still being held in the Gaza Strip… learn more.

The following few photos are from our visit to Park Eshkol on the Gaza border at a Concert for Gilad Shalit by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Shlomo Artzi:

People drove from all over the country to this park on border of Gaza to listen to Gilad Shalit's family speak about the urgent need to share his story with the world's community. They also showed the concert on Israeli National Television. The Shalit Family has not seen their son, a POW with Hamas, since 2004. Here is a photo of the crowd listening to the concert for Gilad Shalit by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra featuring Shlomo Artzi. This was an afternoon stop after a day of lectures in Jerusalem during the of Israel Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Seminar for Young Jewish Leadership

A few soldiers enjoy the peaceful gathering with short conversations and ice cream Popsicles

Yellow Balloons flew out of the Park Eshkol into the sky hoping to reach Gilad Shalit a few miles away in captivity with Hamas. This balloon fell to the ground before leaving the park and landed in front of us at the concert

Young children blowing bubbles in front of us at the concert

Taking a moment at Park Eshkol

Jonathan Sacerdoti at Park Eshkol

More photos of our day can be found here


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